JUQ-694 In Our Department, There Is A Culprit Who Has A Female Boss Who Has Just Moved.Yuki Takeuchi

JUQ-694 2024-05-24 143分

Film Introduction

Mr. Takeuchi, who has moved from the head office to rebuild our department with poor grades.He was a beautiful woman, his work was perfect, his morale grew quickly, and his performance recovered at once.At such an arrow, the director of Take -out took maternity leave.The director said before, "I don't need a child, I live at work."<< Absolutely strange.》 I was not convinced, and I started exploring the truth by consulting with my direct boss, Yuki Section Manager.First of all, from Mr. Takeuchi himself.However, as I looked up, the crazy "darkness" of this department gradually became clear.

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259LUXU-839 Luxury TV 835

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