ALDN-320 Mother -in -law, Much Better Than Nyoki's Wife ... Kiyoshi Shirakawa

ALDN-320 2024-05-25 105分

Film Introduction

Return home after a long absence to my wife's parents' house.My mother -in -law welcomed me who was nervous.
When you take a bath at night, your mother -in -law will flush your back.I was happy, but my mother -in -law's appearance was too exciting ... I was ashamed and refused, but I was asked to wash my back in the form of being pushed by my mother -in -law.
My mother -in -law and two people in such a small place.And my mother -in -law was in the middle of cleaning ...
My mother -in -law who talks gently to me who is thrilled.I am put on a gentle mother -in -law and confess my couple's worries.
Actually ... We and the couple were close, but six months were sexless ...
The mother -in -law who knew it could speak unexpectedly.
Eita -san ... I'm sorry to accumulate ... I'll let you feel refreshed if I like it? "
" No ... it's such a bad idea.I'm also my mother's responsibility ... "
I'm spoiled by such words.
My mother -in -law's sexual skill, saying, "It's been a long time, so I can't do it well ..."
When I noticed, I was absorbed in my mother -in -law and muttered, "Mother -in -law ... much better than Nyo's wife ..."

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