XVSR-082 A Newcomer Makes Her Debut! The G-Body Everyone Is Talking About Emi Hoshii

XVSR-082 2015-09-11 144分(HD版:144分)

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Film Introduction

The refreshing campus girl "Emi Hoshii" caught my eye the moment she exposed everything! ! Her beautiful G-cup breasts are so white that the marks left by rubbing her fingers remain, and her lovely baby pink nipples are the highest points★5 stars★! ! That beauty... Sensitivity that reacts immediately, just a national beauty nipple! The rumored G (great) G (Gcup) girl ♪ Karen is here! 'Name represents the body' I'm very nervous with a smile suitable for a cute name! Even though it's embarrassing, G-body is so honest about the pleasure that I can't control it and I'm jerking! Honeycomb smile girl, debut!

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