HND-247 Exclusive Newcomer! An Interior Design Student Makes Her Porn Debut Yuika Itano

HND-247 2016-01-23 152分(HD版:152分)

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Film Introduction

Rookie * Exclusive! Intelligent Ao ●●● Yuika Itano, a college student who goes to college, makes her AV debut! "I was a class representative in middle and high school..." Yuika-chan has been an honor student since she was little! With this appearance, there is only one person who has experienced H! Beautiful skin slender beautiful girl with pure face full of cleanliness, first vaginal cum shot in her second SEX in her life → The moment the shy beautiful girl inserts a raw cock, on the face of the woman! A natural talent with a deviation value of over 67.0 will show you erotic sex with outstanding sensitivity! !

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