GS-103 You Went On A Business Trip With Your Untalkative Lady Boss, And End Up Sharing A Room Together! When Things Get A Bit Too Tense, You Try Making Her A Drink... And Then, Your Lady Boss Has Become A Drunk Girl! And Now She's A Completely Differ

GS-103 2017-03-18 124分(HD版:124分)
JAV Idols

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Film Introduction

It's awkward in a shared room with a female boss who doesn't talk much. However, when she forces him to drink, he's completely drunk! ? Then her personality suddenly changes to the opposite high tension! It doesn't matter if you can see your boobs and buttocks from the yukata! In addition, the appearance of the female boss who comes in close contact is soothing and erection! The female boss who noticed the erection touches the cock and is excited! The brake does not work and it is disturbed!

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