SNIS-998 A Beautiful Lawyer Who Is Totally Tied Down In S&M Sex Akiho Yoshizawa

SNIS-998 2017-09-17 172分(HD版:172分)

Film Introduction

Akiho defends Shoko Aoi, who is accused of stabbing a man. She realizes that the 'Aesthetics Club', an organization where business people gather, is deeply involved, not just a quarrel. A brutal group that gets tired of Tanimachi in the entertainment world and turns general women into sexual slaves by force. If you visit Sakaki, who is the head of the place, and tell him that you want to accuse him... She is strangled with a rope, aphrodisiac, hypnotic, and trained to the bone with a meat stick, and she continues to be fucked many times until she turns into a completely obedient sex slave.

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