VOSS-058 My Wife Left A Note And Suddenly Ran Away! "What Am I Supposed To Now!" I Was So Depressed, And So My Stepmom Came To Take Care Of Me... When I Accidentally Saw Her Walking Around The House Half-Naked After Her Bath, I Got So Excited Th

VOSS-058 2017-10-15 96分(HD版:96分)

Film Introduction

Takeshi was perplexed by the extremely special situation, where his dynamite body with tremendous power was walking in front of him without hiding any hidden places. It's good that her mother-in-law, Ryoko, who contacted her in search of her runaway daughter-in-law, rushed to her house, but there's no way that Takeshi would know that Ryoko has a tendency to spend almost naked after taking a bath. rice field. In front of her was a defenseless naked body too erotic to be called her mother. she has no wife An unexpected opportunity shakes Takeshi's reasoning.

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