APNS-039 A Mother/Daughter Impregnation Scheme A Live Broadcast Stream Of Despair "Please, I'm Begging You... You Can Do Whatever You Like With Me, Just Spare My Daughter..." Nami Sekine Yu Kawakami

APNS-039 2018-01-08 150分(HD版:150分)

Film Introduction

Yu married her lawyer husband, Shinkuro, and lived a happy life. Her only daughter, Nami, is also an honor student who attends a preparatory school...A man named Nakata, who once defended Shinkuro and was convicted of a crime, appeared in a family envied by everyone. Nakata skillfully teases Nami and uses it to shame her mother, Yuu. The two of them were kidnapped and received consecutive vaginal cum shots from multiple men... By the time Shinkuro desperately pursued her whereabouts and found her, the mother and daughter had already been impregnated by her friends...

[※There is some disturbance in the image and sound]

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200GANA-1938 Seriously Flirty, First Shot. 1212

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