MUH-010 "Have I Been Wasting My Time With All The Sex I'd Been Having Up To Now!?" This Real Life College Girl Who Has Never Experienced An Orgasm Before Is A Sparkling Beauty With Big Areolas!! Meet Fuka-chan, 18 Years Old, Who's Enti

MUH-010 2018-02-15 132分(HD版:132分)

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Film Introduction

The number of experienced people is two, one is a boyfriend and the other is a senior at a part-time job. I fell in love with sex when it was my fifth time with my first boyfriend. (Ah, I want to feel better...) But actually, I still don't really understand the feeling of "Iku"... Fuuka-chan, a first-year student at a certain university in Tokyo, is 18 years old. She is happy when she is told that "the areola is clearly erotic", but she is shy in her heart.

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