MEYD-443 My Friend's Mother. I Was Raped By My Son's Friend And He Made Me Orgasm Repeatedly... Manami Oura

MEYD-443 2018-11-10 120分(HD版:120分)

Film Introduction

A married woman, Manami, who saw her son's friend masturbating in the toilet. Manami, who can't sleep because the "male genitalia" she saw after a long time is burned into her mind, is pressed when she is alone with her friend who was staying. Manami, who is older than her, sees her as a woman and cannot completely reject him, and goes beyond her line. Although she feels guilty about her husband who is away from home, she can't let go of the young man's body. In the immorality of playing with fire, the married woman is swallowed by an irresistible pleasure.

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