JUY-679 [*Caution: Furious Creampie Sex*] Black Otaku Cuckold Sex I Create Games, And This Young Black Man Came Over From America, Saying That He Was A Big Fan Of My Work He Is What We Call An "Otaku," And He Said That He Wanted To Experience Ja

JUY-679 2018-11-23 116分(HD版:116分)

Film Introduction

Magnum, who is a big fan of games made by her husband, a game creator, came from America. Magnum's husband, who is busy with so-called "otaku", will be accompanied by his wife, Yumi, on a tour of otaku sacred places. Magnum floating with a video camera in one hand. However, Yumi's plump body makes Magnum lust. And without knowing that the camera is REC, Magnum approaches Yumi, and Yumi is also interested in his big cock that he has never seen before.

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