MAS-012 Country Incest When A Son Fucks His Mother Ichika Kamihata

MAS-012 2017-08-25 121分(HD版:121分)

Film Introduction

The mother (Ichika) felt the urge to urinate and rushed to the toilet, but her son (Shinichi) was in it, so she had no choice but to hide in front of the storeroom. Shinichi sees it, and is extorted for it, and his body is robbed with no resistance. One day, something strange happens to Ichika's body when Shinichi smells the medicine. Her body is hot and her private part is aching and Ichika can not stand it and masturbates beside her husband sleeping. Shinichi, who was watching the scene, feeds on her medicine and plays with Ichika's body, and Ichika's body becomes useless without medicine.

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