SPRD-1167 Taking a Creampie from her Son-in-Law: Stepmom in Her 60s Emi Toda

SPRD-1167 2019-07-11 111分(HD版:111分)

Film Introduction

Daughter and son-in-law who work at the same company. Emi was frustrated with her sloppy son-in-law in contrast to her steady daughter. Emi, who thought that her daughter's inability to conceive was due to her lazy son-in-law, finally exploded her anger and reprimanded her son-in-law. Her son-in-law was so angry and excited with her Emi's one-sided verbal violence that she stripped off her Emi's clothes, caressed her roughly and forcibly inserted and committed. Oops. The son-in-law left her room to run away when he selfishly fired. The next morning, Emi goes on as usual without mentioning what happened yesterday. Her son-in-law went to work while glancing at her Emi's complexion. Emi, who was alone with her, quietly heads to the bathroom. She was now stroking the ring her late husband had given her on her ring finger and muttering sorry to you. She was trembling with shock after being fucked by her son-in-law last night, but her body couldn't stop burning on her cock for the first time in a long time. She was acting calm this morning as well, trying to disguise her aching body. However, when the two were gone, she naturally moved her fingers toward her own crotch. She moved her fingers violently and masturbated as she remembered yesterday's son-in-law's cock. However, the more she did, the secret part of her Emi wanted her son-in-law's cock. In the evening, when her son-in-law came home, her daughter informed her that she was working overtime and would be late.

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