URE-090 The Long-awaited Live-action Version Of The Popular Doujin Work Of [mother X Son]! ! My Mother And My Favorite Person. Ririko Kinoshita

URE-090 2023-04-07 121分

Film Introduction

Over 50,000 DL in the series! ! Original: Siberian Mother Ski "My mother and my favorite person. is a complete live-action adaptation of Madonna's flagship actress, Ririko Kinoshita! Kaori Tachibana (Ririko Kinoshita), a full-time housewife, has been worried about her son, Yuta, who has been acting strangely lately. One day, I witnessed her son indulge in masturbation while calling his name! ? Kaori is upset, but she gently accepts her son who thinks of her mother as a woman... Includes the first and second series! !

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