JUQ-141 A Business Trip Entertainment That Continued To Be Vaginal Cum Shot By The Arrogant President Of The Business Partner. Exclusive To Beautiful Breasts, A Good Woman's Suit "Beauty". Ueha Aya

JUQ-141 2022-11-04 169分

Film Introduction

Aya is entrusted with business negotiations that affect the company's fortunes and decides to go on a business trip. The reason why I was entrusted with this negotiation... It is because the president of the business partner, Ozawa, was a man known for his "women's love" and "arrogance". It was a plan to bring her, who is the most beautiful woman in her office, and make her deal a success. When her entertainment begins, Aya is forced to have a humiliating sexual entertainment where her body is played with in front of her boss. She survived the sticky sexual harassment entertainment and returned to her accommodation, but Ozawa's sexual entertainment had just begun.

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