JUFE-437 If You Go To Stay, You Will Be Served By Such A Costume And You Will Have An Inevitable Erection! Minshuku Ai Sayama Where There Is A Plump And Beautiful Reverse Bunny Whose Everything Is Important

JUFE-437 2022-11-11 114分

Film Introduction

Fully enjoy the Megumi body of W exclusive Ai Sayama in various reverse bunny costumes! Ai, who manages the guest house she inherited from her parents by herself. Due to the opening of a new ryokan in the same area, even the regular customers have stopped coming, and while investigating whether there is any good way to do it, he finds the "reverse bunny" style that has recently become popular. It's embarrassing, but when I put on the costume and opened the business, the customers immediately came back and the inn was very prosperous! I will demonstrate my inborn maternal instinct and have pleasant customer service and sexual intercourse!

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