JUQ-067 An Komatsu "Gokkun" First Ban! ! That Man's Ugly Semen Keeps Me Drinking Morning, Noon And Night. Accurate Drinking "Real Sperm" X Ryo Drama

JUQ-067 2022-08-19 173分

Film Introduction

Taking credit for her husband, she is just slacking off. Oki, the worst boss of her husband, Yuta, who works in sales. Oki, who came not only to his workplace but also to his home, harassed his wife Anzu as if it were sexual harassment. When Ooki left his seat, he didn't miss Anzu, who was complaining behind the scenes. He gave Yuta an unreasonable task and attacked Kyou, who was left alone. And Oki makes Kyou, who refuses her, drink the rich semen that overflows infinitely from her unmatched cock morning, noon, and night.

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