EBOD-925 The Face, Body, And Behavior Are Overwhelmingly Beautiful - Such A Woman Fascinated Me With SEX Instead Of Writing! Too Beautiful Calligrapher AV Debut Mei Hasami

EBOD-925 2022-07-15 120分

Film Introduction

Mei Hasami (name changed), who has been featured in the media as a 'too beautiful calligrapher', has decided to make her AV debut from E-BODY. She also ran a calligraphy class and was doing well, but she saved her activities due to the corona wreck. She said that she took this opportunity to apply for AV, decisively trying to make her favorite SEX work next to calligraphy. As she became a hot topic, she has a beautiful face, big breasts and beautiful gestures. She is the best when a well-educated adult woman becomes erotic.

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