JUL-855 Three Days Back In Hometown. Lost Track of Time With Adorable Aunt-In-Law. Lovemaking Record. Ririko Kinoshita

JUL-855 2022-02-04 117分

Film Introduction

The unchanging streets, the nostalgic atmosphere... I was returning to my hometown for the first time in a while after receiving a message from my mother about getting remarried. When I was on the phone with my girlfriend's mother in a familiar park, I heard a familiar voice... When I turned around, I saw her aunt Ririko, who was her first love. After a while of greetings, my room was full of luggage and it seems that I can't stay at my parents' house. Why don't Ririko-san stay for three days to see me as I'm terribly depressed? and extended a helping hand to her...

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