HZGD-157 This Beautiful Big Tits Wife With Light Skin Was Placed Under Confinement By Her Husband's Best Friend And Received Breaking In Training And Aphrodisiacs Until She Broke Down With Pleasure Haruna Kawakita

HZGD-157 2020-07-17 112分(HD版:112分)

Film Introduction

"Haruna", who was suffering from back pain due to an accident, asks her husband to introduce her to a close friend's physiotherapist. Haruna was recommended by a physiotherapist to enter a facility where she could receive intensive care for a week, and Haruna accepted, but it turned out to be a trap for her plump limbs! A married woman who is confined and trained. Every day she is immersed in aphrodisiacs, her spirit wears down and she is repainted into a perverted woman who can only think about SEX.

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