DENJ-006 A Fiery Requiem For Female Spies Bloodcurdling Torture Of A Female Spy Episode.6 An Evil Brainwashing Organization Vs A Woman With An Iron Will Misato Nonomiya

DENJ-006 2018-10-19 138分(HD版:138分)

Film Introduction

A female agent of the National Intelligence Special Operations Team, codenamed LUCY. She is known as "Cold-Blood" due to her super sadistic personality and the strength and endurance of steel through training. Her directive this time is to exterminate unscrupulous cosmetics companies. She breaks into the hideout, but a devilish fellow is waiting for her. Her strong body is dosed with a drug that maximizes her senses. She is engulfed in her ascension hell that transcends her will. LUCY's female sexuality is exposed.

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